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Sagar Energy Solutions

Founded through 2016’s WorldMerit360 program, Sagar Energy Solutions’ Solar Powered Fishing Lamp aims to replace the currently used pressurized kerosene lanterns in the night fishing industry of East Africa.

Kerosene is expensive and dangerous, threatening fishermen’s economic security, their health, and further threatens entire lake ecosystems.

Sagar’s alternative eliminates all the fuel and maintenance costs associated with kerosene, increases fishermen’s disposable income, and protects entire marine and lake ecosystems.

Solar Powered Fishing Lamps are twice as bright as kerosene lanterns, they last longer - between 10 and 12 hours, increase yield, and are much cheaper, effective, and efficient.

Sagar Energy Solutions is convinced that their product will contribute to a much faster transition to modern and sustainable solutions in Africa. For more information, click here 


Zaacoal is a fast-growing Ghana-based startup with the mission to solve Ghana’s waste problem while creating clean cooking fuel alternatives.

Instead of using traditional materials for charcoal like wood or kerosene - which cause severe environmental and health issues - Zaacoal is made from discarded coconut shells, which are a huge waste problem in Ghana.

To-date, the company has over 25 million customers, is solving one of Ghana's biggest waste issues while creating a major positive environmental and social impact, saving thousands of lives.

Zaacoal’s founder and inventor, Amin Sulley, a member of CAREforSeven, is on a mission to take this product global. In 2016, he was named Forbes 30 under 30 in Africa. For more information, click here.