Why Support Us

Why Support Us

Our team is committed to implementing at least one specific and tangible project for the United Nations' SDGs 7. By the end of 2018, our team’s goal is to bring health, educational, and economic benefits to hundreds of people in at least one community through the implementation of a clean energy solution.
CAREforSeven is seeking your support to enable our participation in World Merit's 2017 Merit360 program. Since 2015, WorldMerit has been carefully selecting and gathering talented international young leaders  to implement solutions for the United Nation’s 17  Sustainable Development Goals. These teams have presented innovative projects  to prestigious audiences at the United Nations, the British Parliament, and other venues. This year, we would like to invite you to play a key role in supporting our team execute a community-oriented clean energy project to be implemented by December 2018.


Why Merit360?

The 2017 WorldMerit360 event in London, the United Kingdom, will provide the team with the resources to kickstart project implementation. More specifically, the 10-day event will:
  1. Provide the team with rigorous training and mentorship under industry experts and top-notch professionals to design a robust business model
  2. Strength team bonding for long-term collaboration on projects through Merit360 and beyond;
  3. Develop individual members' skills and deepen energy expertise to springboard careers in respective countries

Overview of Project Phases

Phase 1

August-September 2017 - London, UK: £15,000
All 14 team members will travel to London to develop an Action Plan for a project through Merit360. Members will receive training and guidance from energy experts.

Phase 2

May 2018, United Nations HQ in NY: $5,000
5 team leads will travel to New York to pitch results of pilot project to Senior UN officials and to increase awareness of our project.

Phase 3

December 2018, Cost: TBD
Full-scale implementation of our project begins



Our Budget Breakdown for Phase 1

Program Participation and training

Want to Learn More?

For more information about the day-by-day breakdown of the 2017 WorldMerit360 London event, click here
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