Bright Hands

What is Bright hands?

The goal of Bright Hands is to teach young people and women hands-on skills to build, maintain, and operate simple, clean energy devices, that will provide them with more constant access to electricity. The curriculum will cover basic exposure to electronics, mechanics, and systems design to foster greater confidence and interest in STEM. This will then act as a foundation for them to transition to long-term pursuit of STEM fields, through entrepreneurship, apprenticeships, and vocational training.

Why do we exist?

Currently, 1.1 billion people live without access to electricity, with a large majority of the people being based in Southeast Asia and Sub Saharan Africa. This affects all aspects of ones’ life, from low-quality education to economic disempowerment. We believe these people already have the potential to achieve great things but simply lack the right tools. Bright Hands aims to aide in the unlocking of such potential, providing them with independence, quality education, and economic empowerment.

When is the pilot?

Summer of 2018! The date is yet to be confirmed. We will be going to a school in Lagos, Nigeria and teaching a classroom how to build one clean energy solution that can power at least one room.

Getting Involved

We are looking for dynamics members to join our growing team. Click here to learn more about our openings.